INNER STRENGTH QIGONG: What our Students have to say


“I came to deepen my practice. This course met and exceeded my expectations. I have a better understanding of the qigong world. I have a deeper appreciation for its development. And I so appreciate the way in which Ted Cibik has added a layer of wisdom, understanding and thinking to this world.”

David Lerman  Nov. 2011

“This has been a refreshing, rich, multi-level learning experience which has benefited by body, state of mind and perspective as well as depth of knowledge and awareness. Ted’s grounded, accessible style produces an ideal learning and healing environment.”

“I am looking forward to further study, healing and experience with both qigong and Ted. It’s been a stimulating experience I am excited to share with others. I believe this will be a powerful support to me as an energy healing; nourishing, healing and empowering fortification for those who wish to discard, replenish and regulate, as well as protect themselves. I recommend Ted Cibik’s offering to qigong novices and enthusiasts of all levels of experience.” 

Susan Amorose  Nov. 2011

“This has been a fantastic introduction to Medical Qigong. Now I have a foundation to begin a daily practice. I am looking forward to making this part of my lifestyle and exploring where it may lead for me, what I may learn about myself, and how it will benefit myself and others.”

Nov. 2011 Jessica Schumer

“Was so glad to have this teaching to deepen my understanding of the five elements, my qi and my practice. I have done qigong in the past without as clear an understanding of the energetics as I received in this course. I look forward to doing these exercises as well as the ones from my past practice and to use this better understanding.”

Nov 2011  Claudia Olson

“I found nothing dissatisfactory, at the same time I would have liked more of everything. I come as a student and trust that Ted gave me what I needed with the time and resources allowed. I do understand a little martial arts so it felt odd to not have my movements critiqued.”

Nov. 2011 Nicholas Schumer

“I really enjoyed this course. The information/content was all new to me. I am ready to incorporate this into my life. It has opened a new doorway to experiencing life’s energy and then how to manage it to maximize a healthy lifestyle. Thank you!”

Nov. 2011 Jim Grabowski

“New insights into requirements for being and bringing the best to my practice and my patients. New insights into the art of acupuncture and it’s foundations in Chinese oral traditions. I am excited to begin my Qigong practice with the new insights received in this class. I look forward to better serving the people who come to me for acupuncture and information to help them on their journey to health.” 

Nov. 2011 Elizabeth Gibson

“It answered a lot of questions about things we talk about in martial arts class. I now have a better understanding when we refer to the charts. And as always it opens my mind to see there is more than one way to look at things, and I have a better understanding of the world we live in and what I  need to do to better my life and health.”

Feb 2012 Dan Coscarelli

“Ted Cibik has an amazing wealth of knowledge and wisdom. I greatly appreciate his understanding of energy and his ability to translate it in practical as well as profound terms. Thank you for sharing, downloading your teachings for us. The spiritual significance is beyond expression. Thank you…”

Feb 2012 Janel Volk Hubbard

“Ted presents a straightforward time tested way to foster and protect physical, mental and spiritual health and well being. The presentation is stunning in simplicity and projects clarity to the students so I can’t wait for MQ2.”

Feb 2012 Elliot Dater

“This class covered a lot. I left with an understanding of everything covered. There is no way I would have been able to learn and understand as well had I just read a book. Thank you for helping me begin to understand qi flow.”

Feb 2012 Susan Ziegenfus

“I believe I really needed this foundation of understanding in order to better appreciate the necessity of the five yin organ exercises. Dr. Cibik is an excellent teacher, very knowledgeable and patient with questions.”


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