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4 hours

9 am to 1pm


Limited class size, preregister early.


Spring is a time of growth and regeneration in nature. This  workshop is a profound way to energize the body after illness, periods of lethargy, colds or flus, or what it was originally designed for – to promote blood flow after a long cold winter – a spring cleanse for the body! 

The program works by uniquely teaching you to manipulate your own lymphatic system to pull and push pathogens out of your body so it can begin to heal itself from the inside out.

This a perfect complimentary program for breast and prostate cancer!

Once learned, this group of exercises requires only 20 minutes per day to reenergize your body and bring it back to a youthful radiant balance.

Additionally, a unique diet guideline for cleansing the body is given along with specific Chinese herbs to enhance the body’s detoxification. This complements breast and prostrate cancer programs for healing.

This half day seminar offers specific qigong exercises and unique nutritional information for cleansing your body of winter toxins and generating new growth and health.

Comments from previous classes:




"I really love the way the class challenges and engages me",


"The material is important to people who take health and exercise seriously, yet it was fun to learn"

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