Deepening your Qigong Practice: Sipping the Moon Crème

Tuition: $295

2 day


This two day seminar offers qigong exercises that can clear obstructions of the energetic pathways, acquire and regulate energy for balance and health.

Learn protective meditations to strengthen your immune system, also seasonal and lunar qigong to balance and enhance your energy during special times of the year.

This course is both lecture and experiential. Plan to spend time in nature, and enjoying the energy of the Inner Strength gardens and fields.

Tools for grounding and centering in today's fast paced life will be taught as well as how to become aware of the power of the mind and its use in understanding the emotions and their affect on one's health and ability to heal.

No previous experience is required for this seminar. $295.

($50. off for returning students.)

Call today at 724-845-1041 to for details

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