Type of Personal Retreats:


Emotional Cleansing

with Ted Cibik


Spiritual Awakening

with Ted Cibik


Eco Therapy

with Ted Cibik


Qigong Healing

with Ted Cibik


Aligning Inner & Outer World with LuAnn Cibik


Vision Quests

with LuAnn Cibik


Inner Harmony Makeover

with LuAnn Cibik

Learning information about healing practices in a workshop or fast paced course, or even in a book can be useful, but sometimes the most powerful way to really shift your life is to slow down, step away from the electronics, plug into nature and be still.

Our retreats are offered here at Inner Strength Health and Wellness center located on 30 acres of woodlands and meadows in Western PA. Our retreat house is rustic and comfortable, without cable and internet, so that you focus on the beauty and power of nature outside your door.

These retreats are sometimes held as a small group retreat focused on one subject, such and as Qigong Walking or Medical QiGong for Self Health.

Please check the schedule on the Home page for upcoming group retreats. The class size is EXTREMELY SMALL, so please register early if it is your intention to attend.

Other retreats can be scheduled privately and customized with the types of activities and sessions that you desire.

Private retreats can be created for just the services and results that you are looking for. Whether your goal is to have guidance on meditation and qigong exercises, coaching on life issues and time for contemplation and journaling, or creating a new health regime with time to focus on your body and detox from the daily stresses, we offer a number of selections and options that can be built into your stay.

There is a 2 night minimum, and we urge that you plan to be here by 3pm on your check in day so that your first sessions can begin that day. Checkout from the retreat house is by noon on your last day, so that we can prepare the house for the next set of guest and students,  although you may have some sessions scheduled for later in that day.

We suggest that your private retreat be scheduled on a

Monday - Friday, as most weekend we are holding a certification program. Our private retreat times are limited by the other programs and courses being offered at our facility. However, we love working privately with our students and clients, and we encourage you to call and inquire about available  dates and times.

Menu of  activities and sessions:

We recommend scheduling one or two sessions a day, and then having the rest of the time to relax, contemplate and meditate.

 Dr. Ted Cibik

 LuAnn Cibik, MEIA, CSC

  • Naturopathic evaluation

  • Medical Qigong treatment

  • Qigong exercise prescription

  • Chinese Health Treatment

  • Far Infra Red Sauna

  • Meditation coaching

  • Taoist life coaching

  • Taiji / Qigong training


  • Feng Shui consultations

  • Healthy Home Consultations

  • Distance Space Clearing

  • Synchro-Alignment Journeys

  • Soul Coaching®

  • Past Life Journeys

  • Gateway Dreaming Coaching®

  • Fashion Feng Shui consultation - dress for your essence!


We can also offer through our network of skilled peers:

Personally prepared vegan and vegetarian meals to be delivered

Massage services


Upcoming group retreats listed on calendar on the home page


Call today at 724-845-1041 for details

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