Inner Strength began as a Health and Wellness Center in 1997, featuring personal training, nutritional counseling, meditation practices, and martial arts. Our building is nestled on 30 rural acres, about 30 miles north of Pittsburgh PA. We offered private services at our center and provided wellness programs to national corporate clients.

When Dr. Cibik earned his Naturopathic Doctor license and later his Doctorate in Medical QiGong, these practices were expanded to include naturopathy and Chinese medicine. Certification programs began in Medical QiGong, to allow this practice to expand to other interested clients and students.

As interest in our programs grew, we began to offer life enrichment workshops geared to those interested in energy, qigong, Taoist philosophy, feng shui and natural health for themselves and their loved ones.

We feel our location is one of the most beautiful, natural settings in which to study energy medicine, and natural health. Our ground offer location for students to meditate and enjoy nature. Our walking trails give the opportunity to see wildlife and enjoy the rhythm of nature.

Perched on our hilltop, you can enjoy the energy of the sky and the mountains. We are located within a mile the Kiski river, with easy access to area B&B's and inns.

We also offer accommodations at our CHI Retreat house, allowing access to our grounds to our students during their class time or retreat time here.


We welcome you to join us for your next connection with Qi!

Inner Strength

825 Lovers Leap Rd

Leechburg, PA 15656

Our Faculty:

Ted J. Cibik, PhD, DMQ, ND

Our lead instructor for all Medical QiGong courses is Ted J. Cibik, who teaches all classes personally.

Dr. Cibik was one of the first graduates of the International Institute of Medical Qigong to complete his doctorate in this program, and has the longest-running instructional and practical Medical QiGong Programs taught in English outside of California.

Dr. Cibik has treated patients continuously since 1999 using Medical QiGong and brings the experience of over a thousand case scenarios to his classes.

Dr. Cibik is also a senior student of Jeffrey Yuen, and recently was awarded the title of Zhong Yi, or Chinese Physician, due to his exceptional understanding of Chinese medicine. He is also a disciple of the Taoist linage Yu Ching Huang Lao Pai, Yellow Emperor/Lao Tzu Sect.

Like the famous Chinese physician Sun Si Miao, Dr. Cibik was sickly as a child, so his interest in medicine grew naturally. His pediatricians believed he would never live past the age of five. Through exercise, nutrition, and meditation he has lived the healing process all his life and now teaches willing students.

Dr. Cibik’s knowledge and presentation style has been sought by hospitals, government agencies (including the National Institute of Health), and  psychologists all over the United States for his insight into Chinese Medicine, Naturopathy, counseling and Medical QiGong.

Dr Cibik is recognized by Taoist priests, Buddhist monks, medical doctors and PhD’s for his unique ability to communicate ideas from an Eastern perspective, to a western medical perspective and visa-versa. Raised in both Ch’an Buddhism and Christianity provides a unique balance and insight in his teachings.

Dr. Cibik's research and investigation into Energy Medicine has been acknowledged by top Energy Medicine researchers for his unique insights into it’s healing methods and various modalities of Chinese Medicine.

Dr. Cibik's work has been published in such periodicals as: Journal of Naturopathic Medicine; IDEA Health and Fitness Source; Journal of Chinese Medicine; Oriental Medicine: Pacific College of Oriental medicine ; Traditional Chinese Medicine World ; Qi ; Empty Vessel

He has lectured at traditional allopathic hospitals and has worked for the last 17 years with the American Lung Association as a facilitator and teacher to asthmatic children on methods for breathing more effectively.

He is a frequent speaker at national conference and conventions, including the annual Taoist Gathering in San Francisco, The NQA conferences, and IDEA.

Feng Shui Master Educator: LuAnn Cibik

LuAnn Cibik, is a Master Educator of Interior Alignment®. Mrs. Cibik is also a member of the Interior Alignment Foundation Council and is a Certified Soul Coach, Gateway Dreaming Practitioner, Fashion Feng Shui Facilitator and Master Oracle Card Reader. She is a past  Board Member for the International Feng Shui Guild.

Tuition and Admission Policies


We recommend that you register for your class or private study program with deposit 2 weeks prior to the start date. Enrichment Classes may fill before the date. We strictly limit the number of students to provide quality of instruction and individual attention. Inner Strength reserves the right to close registration when a class is full.  Deposits are $100.


We accept payment with money orders, checks and cash. Full tuition is due before the beginning of the first class session.


If sessions are missed due to illness or emergency, the student can use his/her tuition towards attendance at future coursework at Inner Strength, within 1 year of the date of the seminar missed.




Inner Strength is a healing facility; therefore all students are expected to behave in a humane and compassionate way while on the premises. For this reason no form of aggression or harassment will be tolerated and any may be grounds for immediate dismissal.  Students are requested to behave politely and in a mature fashion.  No student shall compromise the safety of others at any time. No illegal drugs or weapons of any kind are permitted on the premises. Students are requested to dress comfortably and modestly in a manner that permits freedom of movement.


Non-discrimination Policy


Applicants will be considered on an individual basis without regard to race, gender, religious or personal beliefs, lifestyle choices or age.  Inner Strength is a handicapped accessible building.  We will make every effort to assist differently-abled clients in their educational pursuits within the facility.


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